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Holistic Befriending

Volunteers look forward to customising their individualised set of activities to address the specific needs of each elderly, across both online and digital hybrid interactive sessions.


It is an innovative approach that has been recently implemented in light of the pandemic, where volunteers continue to help out the elderly with grocery shopping and household chores, whilst engaging them in exciting activities like virtual travel and Upsizing.


Apart from that, volunteers can also anticipate interesting conversations with the elderly about their life stories and experiences, as you share your personal thoughts too.


Below are some of this activity's features and unique aspects...

Authentic Experience 

Our hybrid volunteering sessions form a two-pronged approach that harnesses the creative power of technology for interaction (such as virtual travel, and Karaoke sessions), whilst maintaining an affectionate face-to-face connection with the elderly.

Flexible Schedules 

Each group of volunteers can individually arrange their weekly meeting times with their elderly, ensuring convenience and versatility. 

Long-lasting Friendships

Our uniquely designed program prioritises consistency and bond-building, which is why the ties that volunteers form with the elderly are strong and long-standing. 


Volunteers will befriend the elderly in pairs along with a volunteer coordinator. This gives volunteers the valuable stewardship to craft their very own curriculum based on the specific needs of the elderly.

What Our Volunteers Say...

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Yu Shaun, RI Volunteer

Participating in befriending was a really memorable and meaningful experience, filled with unexpected surprises which taught me much more than I had imagined possible. Besides lending a listening ear and being a constant companion to the elderly, I've grown to appreciate the individuality and character of each elderly more deeply through our weekly meetings! 

Project HnB

Our team is committed to helping the elderly, and working with youths and organizations that are passionate about our cause. For queries, contact us at any of the below avenues.

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