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Our Elderly's Stories (#2)

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

In the process of teaching the elderly various skills, our volunteers also learn from their wealth of experiences. Such are the stories of 1 of our elderly: Mr Li

Mr Li

A picture of our volunteers with Mr Li. Mr Li loves playing chinese chess with our volunteers and is a pro at it!

Mr Li is our friendly neighborhood Chinese chess maestro who always enjoys a game or 2 with our volunteers. Each round of chess not only allows us to connect intellectually as we pit our minds and applaud one other's strategic moves, but also gives us a much needed respite from our hectic, tech saturated lives. As we sit across one another on opposite ends of the chessboard in pensive contemplation in the cool of his home, the moment almost seems ethereal.

Mr Li is also very well-informed on current affairs, keeping abreast of events around the world. He candidly shared that he first worked as a plumber before serving in a church as a managerial staff. He resided there in the church premises for over 20 years before relocating to a rental flat in Toa Payoh where he now lives. A large portrait of his daughter in her university convocation gown adorns the wall of the living room, and Mr Li glows with pride and joy whenever he talks about her. We learn that she had been residing overseas with her family and had just returned to Singapore recently.

"In the simplest things, you find the greatest joy and harmony within yourself" ~ Mr Li

Life is simple for Mr Li, whose daily activities include watching television shows, browsing the newspapers and leaving his flat for meals. As we chat, we begin to appreciate a profound lesson on contentment that Mr Li exudes. Truly, life does not consist in a busy schedule or an abundance of possessions, but rather, an ability to slow down and derive joy from the simple pleasures around us. And as our strengths wane in our latter years, it is the warmth from the hearth of forged relationships that remind us of our shared humanity.

Thank you, Mr Li, for your warm hospitality each time we visit. We look forward to many more rounds of chess and your wonderful stories!

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